How to hack VK (Vkontakte) for free?

Free and safe method of hacking accounts in VK

The Internet offers a huge number of methods to hack VK. But is there a free and safe method among them that will give access to all the information stored in the account?

How to free hack a VKontakte page

Can I Hack VK for Free

As you know, any work must be paid for. This applies not only to any physical actions, but also to intellectual ones, including software development. That is, if a group of programmers created an effective and safe program for hacking VK, they will not be able to distribute it for free. More precisely, they will not. After all, everyone wants to get a profit from something that he spent a lot of time and effort on.

The free hacking tools offered on the web may well cope with the task at hand. But, apart from that, they will also bring some profit to their creators. For example, to collect for them someone else's registration data or, after installation, to use the resources of your PC for mining. Therefore, you should always use freeware with caution and, once downloaded, monitor every step of the application (all the actions it performs on your computer, smartphone or tablet).

It is worth bearing in mind that only a person who creates such products himself can thoroughly understand the algorithm of the program and its hidden functions. That is, if you do not have programming skills (or at least network administration), then you will never even guess about many unpleasant features of the software.

How to hack a VK page for free

But the benefits of free software distribution can be more than just hidden. Some developers openly offer to use their application for free in return for favors, including helping to promote the software.

The most common option in this field is affiliate programs. That is, you help to attract new users, and in return you get a percentage of their payments in the app. This is exactly the way the online application offers to interact with users Vk-Tracker.

To participate in the affiliate program you need:

  1. Sign up for the app
  2. Distribute an individual link.
  3. Get bonus points to your account.

Sign up

As soon as you register on the site and pass the verification procedure, your personal affiliate link will be available in the appropriate section.

Promote your link

Get maximum effect: post the link on social networks - on your VK or Instagram wall, share it in comments under YouTube videos, tell your friends on Telegram or Skype.

Get bonuses

As soon as your registered users make a successful hack, you will receive bonus points to your personal account, which you can use to pay for your own hacking sessions.

The most popular methods of distributing referral links:

  • transposition to friends and acquaintances;
  • posts on thematic forums and sites;
  • publishing in open chats in messengers;
  • comments on social networks and video hosting sites;
  • publishing ads on specialized boards.

But if you want to get the most out of an affiliate program, you can take more complicated paths. For example, you can do email marketing or write a unique review about the service you offer. In the first case, you will need your own database of contacts, which you will use for mailing. The second requires some writing talent and the ability to find good directories for placing press releases.

You can also create engaging social media posts, adding a personal link to them for future referrals, or write articles for your own site (if you already have one).

Terms and conditions of the program for free and safe hacking of VK

Monitor referral activity for better promotion of affiliate links

Participation in the affiliate program gives you the opportunity to hack your VK account for free or to pay part of the cost of the application with accumulated funds. Remember that you do not need specialized knowledge and skills to attract new referrals. It is enough to publish an individual link as often as possible, and then the number of clicks on it is guaranteed to increase. After all, in order to earn money in VKTracker it does not even matter whether the person has paid for the software or not, it is enough for him to just register using your link.