Software for Hacking online VK account

Anonymously Hack a VKontakte Page

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VkTracker is the optimal solution for hacking a VKontakte account: As a result, the client is able to authorize the profile on a new device. The hacking session functions in the background and is completely invisible to the account owner.

By registering a profile on the monitoring panel, you automatically accept all the necessary conditions terms and conditions.

Software for Hacking online VK account
Anonymously Hack a VKontakte Page


The app works equally efficiently and hacks target VKontakte social network pages from iOS and macOS, Windows and Android. Launch and monitor active hacking sessions in the control panel on any device - phone, tablet, or computer. The proposed web application is cross-platform, so it can function equally effectively on a smartphone, tablet, or PC.


We do not require any personal information from you, using the service preserves your complete privacy. All data is encrypted on the server.

Round the clock

Hack a Vkontakte page can be hacked at any time, the service is fully autonomous and does not require human intervention and works in automatic mode.

Without prepayment

Not all Vkontakte accounts can yet be hacked with our technology. You pay only for the finished result. We do not require payment before performing access to the profile.

100% Privacy

The implementation of end-to-end encryption elements is designed to guarantee the security and anonymity of customers at every stage of their interaction with the service.

How does it work?

Enjoy Advanced Monitoring Features

To hack a target account, VkTracker exploits a vulnerability in the data transfer protocol used by the social network to restore access to the account. The software initiates the recovery procedure and then intercepts an SMS message with a verification code. A peculiarity and at the same time weakness of the technology used by VKontakte is scalability of data packages: once the software gets access to one package of account data, it gets an opportunity to copy the rest of the database. The files are available both for downloading and for viewing online. Interacting with the data through the control panel is the safest way of tracking.

How the VK Tracker works

Gain access to account data

When registering a new "VKontakte" account, the user must indicate the phone number, which serves both for authorization and for restoring access in case of loss of the password. When the access recovery procedure is initiated, a message with a code allowing to reset the password is sent to the phone number specified during registration. The VK Tracker™ app exploits a vulnerability in the SS7 protocol used by the service and intercepts a system message with a code that allows access to the page without access to the linked phone number. As a result, the account with all its content is emulated on the server, where you can download an archive with messages, list of friends, wall content and other data.

Software operating principles

If you need to highlight the main advantages of the service

The VK Tracker™ hack app is a comprehensive and completely self-sufficient solution. Paying for a hacking session, you get a turnkey solution without the need for additional complicated settings or additional services. Pay once and get guaranteed access to the target account with all its content without any limitations or reservations.

High working speed

You don't have to wait for hours for a system of dubious efficiency to search for passwords or perform some other unclear manipulations. The VK Tracker™ app resets and restores passwords very quickly and is based on known vulnerabilities in the SS7 protocol.

The easiest procedure

Even a beginner and not the most confident user can easily and in a matter of minutes figure out how to run a hack on the desired page. We have specially optimized the mechanisms of work so that everyone can cope. And if you have any questions, the answers can be found in the comprehensive FAQ.

Free hacking option

We truly believe our app is the best solution on the market, so we really want more people to use it. Tell your friends or followers on social networks about us with an affiliate link, and we will credit your account with bonus points, with which you can pay for the next hacking sessions.

Qualified support

We value our users and promptly resolve issues as they arise. Even with all the elegance and simplicity of our application, users may encounter difficulties, in which case please refer to the comprehensive description of problems and their solutions in the FAQ section.

Access to message history

Gain access to account data

VkTracker allows you to explore the target user's message history from the moment the profile was created. There is a special player for listening to voice messages in the interface of the Dashboard. Voice messages can also be downloaded to your device in MP3 format media files. The application does not require any special skills or complicated configuration beforehand, there is no need to download and install questionable software.

How to read messages in VK
  • 18:33 Hi 🖐 Can I meet you?
  • 18:33 The latter is an option. We can figure out how to spend the evening
  • I'll make a reservation for two 👍
  • 18:37 Interesting suggestion 😊
  • 18:39 See you tonight 💋
  • 18:41 Great! 👍 See you then.

Data archive available for download

Hacking received and sent files

3 folders
3 - 50 files 34 files
3 files 50 MB 26, 2024
Important documents.xlsx
12 files 27 MB * 4, 2024
Text messages
36 files 67 MB * 7, 2024

To gain access to the specified number, we initiate an SS7 attack. Without going into too much detail, this is all it takes to intercept the confirmation password and log into any Vkontakte account. After receiving all the necessary files, including the user's correspondence, we check them with anti-virus and form an archive available for downloading in the personal cabinet. Keep in mind that an incoming data packet can take up more than 1 GB of disk space.

Track activity in VK

Authorization data

Restoring account access

Login and password will be displayed in a separate tab in your Control Panel. You can use them to further authorize into your profile through the VKontakte interface. However, keep in mind that this can declassify the hack, which, in turn, may cause you to lose the ability to update your account database.

Restore VKontakte account
Authorization data

Location Tracking

Map movement control


You will be able to track the current location of the profile owner, geolocation tracking is performed in real time (delay is not more than 3 seconds). In addition, you will have access to information about the history of the user's movements. The application also stores some data about the previous movements of the account owner.

Location of a person by VK

Extensive functionality in one place


You get an additional discount if you pay for hacking several accounts at once or use the service repeatedly.

24/7 support

One account

All possibilities for the basic tariff

70 /usd

24/7 support

Three accounts

All possibilities for the optimal tariff

168 /usd

24/7 support

Five accounts

All possibilities for business tariff

210 /usd


What our clients think of us

Read what our customers have to say on our customer testimonials page.

Meeg Sfity
Meeg Sfity
star star star star star5

A great VK spy to locate Android devices. I have not personally tried to read my correspondence, but I have received very positive feedback from my friends.

instagram Instagram
Edgard Carlos
Edgard Carlos
star star star star star5

I have been controlling my parents' smartphones for a long time. They are old and can do rash things, and I am very worried about them. It's good that you can monitor several accounts at once in the office.

facebook Facebook
Ankunding Stone
Ankunding Stone
star star star star star5

I bought the app to steal the VKontakte community, which has long been abandoned. I succeeded, now I own a page with 40k subscribers, selling advertising :))) In the future, maybe I will expand the account, if I find more similar options. All in all, everything is on 5 +, the application is completely satisfied, and the purchase has paid off completely.

instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

Used it to hack the community. Quality software, really tracks a lot of data, didn't even think it was possible. All I had to do was to take over the community and at the same time I got access to the "series" about the life and wailing of its former owner :)) Credit, all in all, write more!

instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

I needed to regain access to my VKontakte account, which I had not used since the army, and the tied number was naturally lost. Well, I went the roundabout way and decided to hack the password to my own account. It went quickly and smoothly, the page was returned

facebook Facebook
star star star star star5

I control my boyfriend's communication through this app. And he is aware of it. I just feel much more relaxed this way, because I don't feel unreasonable jealousy.

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Still have questions? We are happy to answer them: If you want to leave feedback or make a suggestion, you can do it in the user feedback or contact support service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions that may arise when working with the software.

How do I hack a Vk account with VkTracker software?
Enter your target account information and sign up. Then choose a package - we advise you to take your time and understand the difference between the packages, buying VkTracker+ gives you access to some unique features.
Can I hack into VKontakte without access to my phone number?
Yes, you don't even need to know what number the account is tied to. VkTracker allows you to hack your account by profile link or username.
Will the target user find out that his VK account has been hacked?
No, the approach and features of the hacking technology used by VkTracker ensure that the account owner will not know about the hack. Hacking identification is possible if the user uses a hacked login and password to log in to the account.
Will I be able to see new messages sent and received by the hacked user?
Yes, the account database is updated in real time, which means you will be able to see new messages almost simultaneously with the account owner.
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